Ah, oh dear.
Seems I haven't posted regularly, have I? Then again, I was never one to stick to updating my journal or whatever. It's the holidays again, and that's all there really is to say about it. I can't tell if it's really hot outside or if it's really cold. Actually, I reckon the weather's just fluctuating so much that it's impossible to tell the approximate temperature from a house's interior. Or maybe I'm just being completely bonkers and not making any sense at all.

Irregardless, I have many things to do during this season! So many things to do, yet so little time! Off I go!

Exactly as it says on the tin. Exams are done, gone, finished. I am free to do as wish (provided that I finish my homework...) and I'm going to do exactly that.

There are plenty of tasks I must complete. Ah, but I have to finish playing Pokemon White 2 first. Hehe.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, and Virtue's Last Reward have finally been released! Now, I just need to purchase it...

Welp. Off I go.

Well, I've recently started watching One Piece. I got up to meeting Chopper a few years ago, but I stopped because it didn't air on TV anymore. Anyway, so I've decided to rewatch it and catch up to latest episode since it's holidays and whatnot. Unfortunately, I will probably be unable to watch all 565 episodes this holidays, so I guess I must continue after the holidays ends.

Not that it's anything to be proud of, but seventy-five episodes in four days is a record for me. The fourth day hasn't ended yet, so I'm hoping I get up to episode 80 today.

I also started reading Homestuck sometime ago. Well, I wonder what happens next. Hehe, every time I check the site and see updates, I squee inside! Homestuck is very, very wonderful. By the way, the Kickstarter project is going very well. I wonder how awesome the game will be!

Yeah, well. I'd elaborate on how lovely One Piece and Homestuck is, but I must continue watching!

Aw, what am I doing...?
Ah, what am I doing, indeed. Last month, I was thinking that assignments and assessments would finally be over. Here I am, swamped with five more assignments and assessments. It's like their purposefully trying to swamp us with work. Never mind that, however. It appears as though I've been so caught up with work that I've forgotten I had this account. Er, it's been roughly two months, but never mind that. There's not even anything to talk about because everything's about work as of current. Speaking of which, I must return to completing my assignment! What joys today shall bring.

Wow, it's been a really long time.

Two months, huh? My bad. Well, I just need to wrap things up now. School's reaching its climax, and dishing out a ton of homework and assignments. When the holidays come, I'll have to complete my assignments, haha. What a terrible shame. I have taken a look at some game updates - I didn't keep up to date with E3, so I'd better just take a quick look at what's been announced since I've more-or-less missed all the news. On other stuff, it turns out that Harvest Moon: Land of Beginning or whatever they're calling it is getting localised in North America. Man, am I happy for them! But seriously, when is Europe/Australia going to finally get the game? Same with Virtue's Last Reward, seriously. Is that coming out in October this year? Oh, I believe Fire Emblem: Awakening is going to come over here in 2013.

I'm seriously considering to buy Pokemon Conquest. I wasn't too interested in Super Pokemon Rumble, but I am in this. After all, it's got the characters from Samurai Warriors in it! People might think it's a terrible game (maybe it is), but I enjoy having some relaxed gaming time - it's simple and straightforward. On another note, Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle has ALSO gotten a release date (year?) in America. Oh, Europe, I beg of you to localise it. I simply cannot wait for the next game!

I wonder if Europe/Australia will get the Fire Emblem limited edition 3DS. It looks great. I prefer cobalt blue over the aqua blue very much. Not that I don't like my own black one, of course. I'll have to get it repaired though - something happened to the screen. Sometimes, it flickers really darkly and then goes back to normal. It very much disturbs my gameplay.

Aw, man! I bought the Humblebundle V because I wanted to play Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I have a friend who said it wasn't scary. Unlike him, I'm scared out of my wits. I hope I won't stop playing it. Despite scaring the living daylights out of me, it is very enjoyable. Especially in a group of people, with the lights turned off. We can all scream together in fear. I'm looking forward to playing the other games in the bundle, too.

Oh, speaking of more games, I recently downloaded a bunch of freeware games. I had no idea they were so great. I played Yume Nikki - I certainly loved the game. At first, I didn't like the flashy stuff, but I grew used to it and then got all twenty-four effects. And then, voila! Madotsuki jumped off the balcony. The lack of dialogue was an interesting way to make the game, and I'm going to read some of the theories in-depth sometime soon. I'd love to play LcdDream, but it appears as though I've got to do some Japanese Locale thingy. I'll just wait until an English patch (or translation, or whatever) comes out and I'll download it then. I'm in the process of playing .flow, though.

Another freeware game I loved was Ib. Actually, it was Ib that got me into downloading free games in the first place. Kudos to my friend for informing me about this game. Short, but still leaves a lasting impression on you. I managed to get all five endings! My first one was the Together Forever ending. The Forgotten Portrait ending, I reckon, was the saddest of them all. Promise of Reunion was very heartwarming! If there's ever a sequel, I'd like it to be a prequel-game. I'd love to know more about Guertena and how he managed to get such life into his works. I could write a page on the analysis and opinions on the characters and Ib, but my fingers are frosting up.

I'd like to end this with mention of "Star Stealing Prince". Ronove (the maker) is a truly remarkable person. After completing the game, I could not help but replay it a few times. I proceeded to play some other freeware RPGs, but they just did not compare. The bad ending, in my opinion, was amazing. Both endings were great - the good ending was perfect, but the bad ending just... left an impression in my heart. I've gotten my friend to play it, and he's enjoying it so far. I particularly like the hidden items - those were always fun to find. Everything in this game is so pretty and beautiful and words cannot express the love I have for it. Originally, I perceived Snowe to be a bit of a silly character, but he really grew on me (especially in the bad ending, that poor boy). Personally, Relenia is the greatest character in the whole game. In battles, I'm just sitting there, going "Oh, Relenia! You're the best. Man, keep it up!". Seriously, she's the one that appeals to me most. The "Mighty Glacier", according to TVTropes. I wonder what her husband looked like. They've both been described as the king and queen's best guards, so I wonder what kind of weapons he would have wielded.

Yeah, I think that's enough. Best take a nap and do my work.

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Nearly holidays!
So, there's not much to say. It's been a busy month, and a rather dramatic one. Sad one.

I did finish watching 07-Ghost the other day. Aye, Castor and Labrador are very lovely.

Well, I'm watching Tactics now.

Quick post just to show that I'm still alive.

Quick post!

Ah, I love ZOIDS so much! However, this isn't the time to be thinking about these sorts of things.

I have an exam coming up and we're really behind. We've got to do an essay on two texts, but we've only gotten through one text! What's worse, there's only one lesson left to complete a documentary. A full documentary.

Oh, dear. Well, school takes priority over everything else, so this journal might seem abandoned for a while. Until the holidays, at most. Got to be quick and go to sleep.


Wah, I'm still swamped!

Oof. I do not what compelled me to borrow yet another three books from my school library. I am swamped with books. I hope I finish them on time. I fear that I will go on a reading holiday and won't update my journal until next year. Just joking. I should hopefully finish these books by the end of this month, so rest assured!

Ah, ah! I've finished Battle Royale by Koushun Takami. I liked it, but I feel like a lot of things have been lost in translation. Perhaps when I continue Japanese next year, I can read the original. Nevertheless, the voice of the novel seemed very broken and it hadn't flowed very well. That's just me, though. "[My] opinion is garbage! CRUNCH, [He'll] add 'em to the heap!"

Anyone recognise that quote? Come on, it's our most favourite mathematician! Sho Minamimoto. Ah, goodness. I feel like replaying The World Ends With You again. It was such a wonderful game. And Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance... I want to get it, just for the sake of our lovely characters from TWEWY! I'd like a sequel for TWEWY, but I think it's fine as is.

Right, I've ordered my four CDs from CDjapan.com. Or .co or something like that. They are: "Stand by xxx", "nanoir", "Play the Joker" and "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS: Ikemen Voice Paradise 4". Yes, I am so very happy! I got first-press bonus for all of them, and I managed to get my hands on the Limited Editions of Asamack and Valshe's album. Since shipping is an extremely expensive process, I'll end up getting them all after "Ikemen Voice Paradise 4" is released. Soooooooooo excited!

Oh, that's right. There is this writing competition I am entering (because it's compulsory and the prize money is $350 and a $1000 voucher) asking us to write about "What Matters (to us)". I think, from an objective view, many things matter to me. I mean, everyone has a lot of things that matters to them, even if they sometimes think they're heartless. Now that is completely and utterly bullfish.

So - what matters? Everything. Nothing. Something? Well, I'll start writing tomorrow. Exciting thing, that is!

By the way, I found a classmate who plays "Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors". That was the happiest day of the week - bloody fantastic. Friend of mine, you are my hero. And the guy who sat next to him was all "oh, it's a DS game. I'm not playing that." - ah, figures. I know some people aren't very flexible in their gaming, but the least he could've done was tried it out. Just because he's a bloody PS3/XBOX player. I like PS3 and XBOX - though, I'd rather keep the former. Is it so hard to like all three platforms? (The answer is no, apparent by the real life and online society.)

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So, it's time to go back to school and I've self-confiscated my game gear. My biggest regrets are that I never finished Professor Layton and the Last Specter, and Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. Never mind that - there's always next holidays! Quite fortunately, at that.

Since I have locked up my games, my only means of entertainment are the internet and books. Of course, I won't be using the internet too much when I have books. I went to the library the other day and looked for the books on my "To Read" list. I went to several libraries, too. I borrowed two at one library, four at another and one from my friend. I also have five books to pick up from the library and three books I've placed on reserve. That's fifteen books.

Not that I mind or anything, but I really wished I had paced myself out. I'll never finish it in time! I've got a test coming up in two weeks, which I've started preparing for, but I am also trying to revise my current notes. According to my maths teacher, the more practice we do, the more dendrites branch out or something. Well, I'll try my best. Learning good habits at an early time will (hopefully) benefit in the future.

Relatively short post today. I just wanted to talk about how I'm going to hibernate inside my room, reading my stack of books. 'Till then, maties!

Lunar New Year!

One day after Chinese-Vietnamese New Year and two more days until Australia Day! There's not much to say about it, though. It's just very exciting and brings out the festival cheer inside of you! That is, if you went to the events and stuff. The vegetarian food yesterday was delicious. I can't wait until the next time we can eat from there.

I have been thoroughly enjoying myself with Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Thank goodness that I was an ambassador and got those ten GBA games. They're great. Eirika has got to be one of my favourite game heroines ever - but then again, I seem to like all of this game's characters. At least, that seems to be the case so far. I just started playing and I'm up to "Scorched Sands" or something like that. For example, I thought Neimi would be a damsel-in-distress type. And now? She's like, my second favourite character. Or maybe third, because L'Arachel makes me laugh. Not to mention that Neimi is a fantastic archer.

I find myself thinking that this post will turn into a very long one if I resume my talk about the characters, so I figure it would be best if I don't. Let's talk about the support pairings. The support conversations between Artur and Joshua are quite... amusing, to say in the least, but I'm a sucker for characters like Joshua. You know, the gambling guy who decides his fate with the toss of a coin. And I like Artur very much, too. He's just very... loveable. Next time I play, I think I'll aim for an A support level with Cormag instead of Joshua. I thought their first support conversation was very adorable.

And speaking of support conversations, I am absolutely appalled that L'Arachel and Rennac didn't get a support ending together (I am ashamed of myself for clicking on the Character Ending Guide! I most certainly am!). I think they should've gotten one together. Why didn't they get one together? That's a terrible shame! I have Kyle and Forde at A, as well as Colm and Neimi. I'm going to decide on the rest later onwards in the game.

My regular team in the game is as follows, with Ephraim being a necessary character to deploy: Artur, Joshua, Cormag, Vanessa, Forde, Kyle, Franz, Colm, Neimi and in the last battle, L'Arachel and Rennac. Aw man, I love these characters beyond understanding. Not that I don't like the other characters, of course - they're amazing, too. I just like these guys more (with the addition of Dozla, because he's frighteningly adorkable with his loyalty to the princess).

Have I mentioned how glad I am that I took the time to train Vanessa (mainly because I didn't like how she kept getting killed)? She's an excellent Falcoknight now. Guess what? My first promotion was Artur! Some say that he should've been a sage. I should've made him a sage. Why did I make him a bishop? His sprite looks terrible as a bishop. Never mind that - my second play of this game will have him as a sage! Besides, he's not that bad as a bishop. For this file, I'm glad he's my bishop. While L'Arachel did the healing in the western group for the Grado Keep stage, he did it for the eastern group! So yes, I am happy that he's a bishop. Actually, I'm happy with all my current promotions. Life's good. Very good.

Anyway, I think I'll stop now. This is enough for one post. There's always the possibility of writing more, but I wish to resume playing my game. My very excellent game! Gooooooodbye! In addition, I have a feeling my next post will be all about this game again.


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