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Well, I've recently started watching One Piece. I got up to meeting Chopper a few years ago, but I stopped because it didn't air on TV anymore. Anyway, so I've decided to rewatch it and catch up to latest episode since it's holidays and whatnot. Unfortunately, I will probably be unable to watch all 565 episodes this holidays, so I guess I must continue after the holidays ends.

Not that it's anything to be proud of, but seventy-five episodes in four days is a record for me. The fourth day hasn't ended yet, so I'm hoping I get up to episode 80 today.

I also started reading Homestuck sometime ago. Well, I wonder what happens next. Hehe, every time I check the site and see updates, I squee inside! Homestuck is very, very wonderful. By the way, the Kickstarter project is going very well. I wonder how awesome the game will be!

Yeah, well. I'd elaborate on how lovely One Piece and Homestuck is, but I must continue watching!


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